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LaDonna Smith is the author of the children’s picture book titled The Money Tree, which won the 2014 Financial Literacy Children’s Book of the Year award from the Institute for Financial Literacy. Along with the release of The Money Tree, LaDonna recently launched a program called S.W.A.G. (Saving With A Goal), where she is working to partner with both schools and banks in an effort to provide students in grades Kindergarten through twelfth grade with high-energy and interactive financial literacy workshops. S.W.A.G. workshops are designed to help students better understand the importance of good money habits.

LaDonna hopes to educate youth from all walks of life on how to find their path to financial empowerment.


Follow Your Dreams Publishing

Follow Your Dreams Publishing is here to introduce a series of children’s books that children of all backgrounds can enjoy! Our books feature colorful illustrations and characters that are from diverse ethnic and/or cultural backgrounds which have traditionally been under-represented in American children’s literature. We aim to work in partnership with parents, educators and the community to introduce children to books which delight, educate, empower and instill them with a love of reading. LaDonna is also the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Writer's Life Magazine.


LaDonna Smith

Author and Youth Financial Educator